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Ride some of the best trails in the UK

The Innerleithen trails lend to some of the best downhill and enduro riding the UK has to offer. Adrenalin Uplift operate four buses departing on the quarter hour, shuttling 64 riders to the top of the trails, giving you maximum descent time. 


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Inners Uplift

Maximum upload for maximum descents, our 4 buses and custom trailers keep you on the hill as long as your legs will last.

Uplifts run every 15mins from 9am - 3pm and you can expect as much descent as you can handle.

Let our team help you with mechanicals or keep you fed through our Innerleithen collaborations with local businesses.

Protect your booking with booking insurance! Don't lose your ride because of injury, illness or mechanicals. See our terms and conditions for more details.


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Uplift Opening Hours


Fri-Mon Uplifts 9am - 3pm
Wed Uplifts 5pm - 9pm


Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and Public Holidays 9am - 3pm

For Day Uplifts, check in with your QR code at the Adrenalin Uplift Cabin at the trails car park from 8.15am, the buses run from 9am until 3pm. Night rides check-in starts at 4.30 at the Uplift Cabin with first bus loading at 5pm.
Other Mid-week private bookings can be arranged, requiring a minimum number of 8 to operate on the day. Call the team for more info on 07909 124703

Trails at Innerleithen

Matador (1.96km)

Starting a little away from the other routes, The Matador sets off innocuously enough, with a pedally section through young trees. A sharp, right hand turn has you diving into the trees over a tricky rock step, which quickly tells you things are going to get a lot harder. Hit a couple of S bends and you’re faced with an 8ft-rock drop, which requires full commitment.

Land this and it’s into a fast, flat right hander, leading straight into a nadgery rock garden. Safely through here, things soon steepen into three tight turns and onto a rock chute, which spits you down across the upper road. Skip over a couple of rocks at the roadside and it’s down another steep chute. Feather the brakes though, as this fires you into a tight section through the trees with some more rock steps.

Crossing the push-up path, a rooty drop leads straight onto a 4ft-rock drop. The trail falls away sharply then swings left then right across an old dyke before veering hard right and opening up considerably.

Over a double, it’s then hard left and onto the trail’s signature feature – a 6ft rock drop into a right hand berm then a tight chicane to cross the lower road. Next the trail drops in and sets up for a double jump, then a tabletop and another double in quick succession.

Back into the trees, there’s a couple of different line choices before hitting a sweet wee rock drop across the bridleway. The trail then drops onto the bridleway, taking in a couple of bus stops. Wide and open, you need to pedal quite hard down here as the trail swings off right and straight onto a pretty meaty gap jump.

A couple tabletops follow then it’s down into the old Arena. Hang on through the braking bumps, before a couple of rutted, rooty turns set you up for the infamous bombhole and final bermed corners.

The Cresta Run (1.45km)
Gold Run (1.36km)
Make or Brake (1.45km)

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