Adrenalin Uplift

How It Works

In 3 Simple Steps

 Step 1. Rock Up and Register  

Innerleithen: Pick your pass up, register and sign the waiver in the foyer of I-Cycles opposite the Co-Op. Jump back in the car and drive round to the Innerleithen Trail Car Park.

AE forest: Park up in the car park and head into the cafe to collect your pass and complete registration.

Passes can be collected up to 24 hours in advance and remember to pay for your parking.

Step 2. Lock and Load

Once you have registered, slipped into any body armour and have your helmet, head over to the buses and show the driver your pass, load your bike on to the trailer, make sure it's secured (if you are unsure, please ask you driver how to secure your bike correctly) and get ready for your departure. The buses depart in 15 minutes intervals from 9AM on a first come first served basis! 

Step 3. Drop in

Once you have reached the top unload those weapons, choose your line and let the fun commence!        

Now go Ride then Lock and Load & Repeat!!

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